Allegany Greenhouses Inc

Allegany Greenhouses Inc is one of the largest greenhouse construction companies located and operating in the United States. We are specialized in turn-key construction of new and used greenhouses as well as then individual disciplines such as foundation works, building, glazing, screening and climate systems. Our facilities and expertise enable us to offer solutions for an extensive range of projects, from small garden centers to very large production greenhouses. Our team of professional builders are equipped with the latest and most modern machinery such as building platforms and professional glazing machinery.


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    Allegany Greenhouses recently completed a 60 Acres Turn Key project for the cultivation of tomatoes in Morehead Kentucky. In the mean time we started with the construction of another 60 acres project in Richmond and a 15 acres project in Berea , both in the state of Kentucky.

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  • App Harvest 60 Acres Turnkey

  • Superior Fresh III 6 acres Greenhouse Screening Heating

Why should you choose to do business with Allegany

Over the last two decades the development of the glass Venlo Greenhouse has taken a giant leap. Not only the sizes of the greenhouses have increased also the height of the greenhouses. Column heights of 21 feet are no exception any more. New types of glass have been introduced to the industry , such as diffuse glass , with or without anti- reflection coating. Also the climate installations in the greenhouses are becoming more advanced. Semi- Closed greenhouses with separate climate corridors ...

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